About "The Firesoul", born 09.12.1972


-Hometown: Mosjøen

-Homecountry: Norway

-Inspirations: The world around me and the people in it.

-Listens to: Vivaldi, Bach, Jean Michell Jarre, Orbital, Biosphere, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd.. music who has a great soul.

-Status: Singel..

-Songs: Many :)


I suppose I mostly write music to myself.. music I want to listen to. I always try to put my full heart and soul into it, and if you can feel it.. well, then you are the listener I am aiming for .


The record companies are making me sick with their copyrights, DRM's, rootkits, and the total paranoia against pirating. They just want more money and gives a flying f*** about the real music and what it stands for. I therefore give you all my works for free, and instead gives you the option to reward me just as you please.



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