About "The Firesoul", born 09.12.1972









The world around me, the people in it..

And everything else that truly matter.


-Listens to:

Vivaldi, Bach, Jean Michell Jarre, Orbital, Biosphere, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd..

In general, music with Heart, Fire and Soul.



Singel and straight..



Many! :) And more to come..


I suppose I mostly write music for myself..

Music I want to listen to.

I always try to put my Heart and (Fire)Soul into my works..

And if you can feel it..


Well, then you are the listener I am aiming for.


The record companies, though.. are making me sick with their copyrights, DRM's, rootkits, and the total paranoia regarding pirating..


They are only in it for the money, and forget about the real music and what it really stands for..


Freedom and Love.


That is why I give you all my works for free..

And instead hands you the option to reward me just as you please.


You can just buy me a beer at the frontpage, you know.. <3


"Music Is Life.. Live It." -The FireSoul 1999-



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