cryin' my self to sleep
when my heart are pounding deep

another weakness, another fail
i am tired of this self betrail

i will never see
someone other than me

why the hell do you flee
when you can get the whole of me

tired of this sickness
when all you seek are richness

for long time now you have been inside of me
why won't you wanna be a part of me

i have been waiting for years
but all i got now are more of those tears

i will give you some trust
the day you manage your lust

until that day
i hope we together can say

"i will join you in your sleep,
and we will forever gently weep"


" listen people
why can't you see
the only thing inside of me

is you

listen people, why cant you feel
my lonely heart is only real

tell me people, why is it wrong
that the only place I do belong

is with you

listen people, my heart is there
if you leave me now, I won't be here

tell me people
why is it fair
when you love somebody
and can't be there

i know that love is something near
how can I reach you

if there's no one there

tell me people
how it's like
and then I will learn you
how to fight

this time I can maybe make it right
it's only fair, that I get a fight "


Sick of love

I have never given up the grow

for ever endless sleeping

would be end of the days of my own

my silent hate of missing you

the know of you now

no more tears on your pillows

no more mirrors in your eye, oh no

the shadow in your witchness

still walkin' you around in tribe

the fashion of your own little wisdom

tearing up your mind inside

where did you go when I tried to tell you

and how the hell could you know

that the shadow would grow you

far out on it's own

you couldn't control the power of mine

but I did know how to merge

who stopped you in your own search

when you said " no way to a church "

where would I be, if you lost the race

how could I find you, in a mace

there is no one like me

that has not been there before

game over, baby

you are no share anymore

how could I reach you, tiger

when there were nothing more to teach

how could I learn you higher

when there were no one left to preach

this is a never ending lovestory

of the love you could never show

like the sun rises above you

the pride shinin' in your own

why can't I just turn around

to where I truly belong

now that I know that

I did it completly wrong

sick of love, maybe

I can never give you up now

when even the destiny

know how to show now

it's too bad, baby

you sure as hell know

in my dreams, baby

how to say " no "

you saw me in your window,

but where did you flee

I never telled you lies, baby

but you do know it was me

no one to die for, lady

no one to share anyway

sick of the love I never told you

the love you had to throw away

like a painful searching

an endless, rainy day

time to go on its own now

like a man should be

where do I land this time

now that we truly understand, the eagle and me

it was all a part of a plan, a plan higher above

the plan of mine, the plan for your love

this is how it was for me

how for me to stand

how it was for me

to lonely become a Man

how I suddenly got there

well I didn't know the Plan

I tried to love you

maybe there for me to land

this is my never ending story of a heartacher

the story destiny couldn't let you know

this is my sick love for you, heartbreaker

that you have planted inside of me

it will forever grow on its own now

only for you and She

hope I never see you again though

'couse from now on it will be only free for me


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